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    Raw & Uncut Advanced Programming for RARE BEASTS. This gives you access to 2022 Q3. There's no Auto-Bill so you'll have to sign-up again for Q3 if desired. Card will be charged on date product becomes available. The official start date is Sunday, July 10th.

  • SHRED by BJ Gaddour

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    Burn body fat fast with the best 3-month fat loss & metabolic conditioning program on the planet!

  • Post-Holiday Shred (PHS)

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    A 21-day rapid fat loss & nutrition plan for busy people! Starts 2/20. Existing TDBJ Express members do not sign up (you already have access to these workouts).

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    33 videos  |   Buy $197

    Rebuild your body from the ground up with the best 3-month mobility, breathing & stability program on the planet!