A new & improved version of the 28-DAY POST-HOLIDAY SHRED is coming your way! And I'll be doing it with you as I try to get leaner than ever at 40.5 and sliced & diced for Spring Break. It starts Monday, February 13th (mark your calendars), the day after the Super Bowl. I refer to this day as "The Second New Year" since this is when a lot of people finally get after their New Year Goals. It's also your second chance to make a change if things didn't work out as planned in January.


- Drop 5-10 lbs of pure body fat (or 1 pant size) in 28 days
- Beginner & Advanced Diet Options
- Bodyweight-Only Training Option
- Bodyweight, Bell, Band & Med Ball Training Option
- ALL Follow-Along Workouts (DVD-Level)
- Exclusive Educational & Motivational Podcasts
- Discounted Diet-Only Option

This program will launch at an early bird discount of just $77 but after the start date it will bump up to $99.

There will also be a discounted diet-only option for members of TheDailyBJ.com or people who prefer their own training style. It will start at $37 and then bump up to $49.

Though I'm more of a big picture guy who focuses on longevity & sustainability, I'm also a businessman who understands the appeal & demand of short-term programs that fast-track results when motivation is highest. GIVE THE PEOPLE WHAT THEY WANT!

If you're an 82-Day SpeedShred or 21-Day MetaShred fan, stop doing those old, dusty-ass programs & try the Metabolic Messiah's (aka The Sultan of Sweat, The Prince of Perspiration, The Emperor of Exercise, etc.) latest & greatest sheeeit! You will NOT be disappointed.

Stay tuned and get ready to join MASTER SHREDDER on this cutting-edge rapid fat loss program ;)

Much Love,

BJG (aka Uncle Baby Biscuits)