ARMS Workouts

ARMS Workouts

Grow your arms FAST at home with this exclusive collection!

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ARMS Workouts
  • 2023 GG13

    This is the instructional & follow-along video for 2023 GG13, a progression from GG10 (return to that if needed). See companion PDFs for workout outline & training calendar. Please ask any questions & make your post-workout report in the comments section below.

  • GUNS & BUNS (20 Minutes)

    This 30/15 superset workout targets the arms & the glutes!


    Dumbbells VERSUS Kettlebells! Sizzle your arms in just 4 minutes.

  • T30 SIZZLER: Arms (3 Minutes)

    Annihilate your arms in just 3 minutes!

  • RBT SIZZLER: Biceps & Triceps (5 Minutes)

    This is a 5-minute RBT SIZZLER for the arms!

  • RBT SIZZLER: Arms (5 Minutes)

    This is a 5-minute RBT SIZZLER for the arms!

  • Biceps Workout in the Pool

    Get my water bells & fins here:

    This is the 3-Way Biceps Blaster Ladder!

    Do 1 overhand curl, 1 underhand curl and 1 hammer curl. Then do 2 + 2 + 2, 3 + 3 + 3 and so forth. Try to ladder up to 5-10 total reps. For an extra ...


    It’s important to prioritize multi-joint compound exercises over single-joint isolation exercises, especially when you’re short on time. But there’s nothing wrong with some dedicated work for the elbow joint. Not only will this maximize muscular development, but bigger & stronger biceps will make...


    Though the triceps get a ton of work from presses, dips & pushups, it’s still important to isolate them for best results. For one, they comprise approximately 2/3 of your upper arm mass so they have the biggest overall impact on arms size. In addition, the meaty long head of the upper arm is pref...