8-Week Pullup Specialization Programs

8-Week Pullup Specialization Programs

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8-Week Pullup Specialization Programs
  • Pullup Test Strategies

    Watch as BJ takes you through a LIVE 5-3-1-1-1-AMRAP pullup max out!

    Other topics covered include:

    - Proper pre-set mindset and setup
    - Floor bar pullup drills for recovery, warmups & between sets
    - Test strategy for trainees who can do 3 pullups or less
    - And much more!

    Build your own test s...

  • Med Ball Hangs and Pullups

    These drills will improve your pelvic positioning and pelvic floor strength. Why is this important? A proper pelvic squeeze creates isometric lower body co-contraction for improved core stability in addition to a full-body irradiation effect for instant strength boosts. This will also serve as a ...

  • Self-Massage and Arm Care Routine

    BJ shares his self-massage routine for general arm care in addition to flexion gapping for elbow joint health and performance. If you're doing the pullup plan, you'll definitely want to dig into this. Get ManBaby CBD tinctures and salves on sale now for the holidays: https://www.manbabycbd.com/


    PRESSURE SETS are designed to prepare you for red-light performances under heightened stress. You will do 2 of these before you finally test your rep PR with plenty of rest between them.

    This is my first PRESSURE SET after 5 days of recovery in the modified Week 8 plan I will get to you before n...


    PDF Download Link: https://rebrand.ly/8WeekPullup

    NOTE: This programming is separate from the WOWs. These sets are ideally peppered in throughout the day so you need quick and easy access to a pullup bar to make it work. For example, this is how I personally completed the first week of the 10-12...


    This content is designed to put you in the best position for success in the final 4 weeks of this 8-WEEK PULLUP SPECIALIZATION PROGRAM. See the full program here: https://members.thedailybj.com/8-week-pullup-specialization-programs/videos/8-week-pullup-specialization-programs

    TWEAKS FOR 6-8, 10-...