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    If I had to pick just one exercise to bulletproof the shoulders & improve posture, it would be the Face Pull. When done properly it smokes all of the key muscles of the upper/mid-back & rear delts plus it fortifies the delicate rotator cuff.

    Though this exercise is typically performed on a cabl...


    The Carry (or Farmer’s Walk) is a full-body core exercise but if you can’t grip it, you can’t lift it. That’s why it’s listed in the UPPER category. As the load & time-under-tension grows on this exercise, so will your entire upper body. The key to getting the most out of this drill is to keep th...

  • ROWS

    The Bodyweight Row (often called a Reverse Pushup or Horizontal Pullup) works the entire backside of the body. It’s also a key stepping stone exercise to pullups. It can be done with parallel bars or gymnastic rings. The progression with parallel bars is knees bent to legs straight to feet-elevat...