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Month 3 Pushups & Pullups Specialization Plan

SHRED by BJ Gaddour • 6m 50s

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  • 2021 RECOVER Template

    This is your official 2021 RECOVER template! Use it on M/W/F during off-weeks PLUS on off-days during training weeks.

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  • Educational AD for Arm Care

    This is absolutely an ad for our BJ's Body Butter lotion available at However, it's also a great demo of the self-massage I personally do for daily arm care. This is especially important for TDBJ members doing our...

  • Box Breath Box Squat Drill

    If you’re looking to maximize your squat performance, you must train your breath in the squat shape. Besides inhaling through the nose on the eccentric or stretching phase (going down) and exhaling through the mouth on the concentric or shortening phase (going up) during dynamic reps, you can als...