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SHRED (Own it!) • 3m 0s

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    If you’re looking to maximize your squat performance, you must train your breath in the squat shape. Besides inhaling through the nose on the eccentric or stretching phase (going down) and exhaling through the mouth on the concentric or shortening phase (going up) during dynamic reps, you can als...

  • Kneeling Mobility Flow

    I battled debilitating knee pain in my youth that resulted in 4 knee surgeries (2 on each knee) by the time I was 22. At the time, my surgeon told me I had the cartilage damage of a senior citizen and that activities like squatting, running & jumping were behind me. But I refused to accept th...



    Enhance performance, accelerate recovery & live your best life with contrast training!

    HEAT THERAPY is your biggest friend pre-workout and anytime you’re trying to relax, massage your muscles or mobilize your joints. It’s especially important in the morning, when w...