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Watch this video and more on The Daily BJ (TDBJ)


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  • DIPS

    The Dip is the king of chest & triceps exercises. And if you perform it properly, it also smokes the rear shoulders & upper back. Like the pullup, it’s an extreme joint angle exercise except your shoulder is in extension instead of flexion. Just like with pushups, keep your forearms vertical to t...


    Consider Presses to be the open-chain companion of the closed-chain pushup. Because your hands move independently in free space, presses increase the stability & mobility demands and strengthen each arm independently. Like with pushups, keep your elbows at a 30-45 degree angle from your trunk to ...


    It’s important to prioritize multi-joint compound exercises over single-joint isolation exercises, especially when you’re short on time. But there’s nothing wrong with some dedicated work for the elbow joint. Not only will this maximize muscular development, but bigger & stronger biceps will make...