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Watch this video and more on The Daily BJ

6-Minute Quads Foam Roll Flow

RECOVERY • 7m 6s


  • Shin Box Getups

    The Shin Box (or 90/90 position) improves internal/external hip rotation. Adding the hip raise strengthens the glutes. Adding the overhead lunge portion of the getup makes this a complete lower body mobility and activation sequence.

    Once you can do this with your bodyweight, add the overhead sin...

  • Bear to Crab Roll Flow

    This drill is specifically for those that have been struggling with the bear row to crab press exercise. But it's a complete 3-dimensional core stabilizer and hip + shoulder mobilizer that all trainees should keep in their toolbox. Set the clock for 2-5 minutes and flow between the various positi...

  • Med Ball Shin Box Raises

    This is a great variation and progression on the shin box, particularly the raising portion from seated to tall-kneeling. Do 5-10 controlled reps/side or spend 2-5 minutes/side pre/post-workout or or on off-days. You can also plug this in to part of a full shin box flow.