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Watch this video and more on The Daily BJ

Watch this video and more on The Daily BJ

Med Ball Shin Box Raises

RECOVERY • 2m 13s


  • Split-Kneeling Hip Mobility Complex

    This complex is amazing for improving lunging, squatting, walking and running mechanics. Do 5-10 reps in each position or spend 5-10 minutes on each side pre/post-workout or on off-days. If you really struggle with this, try to work it daily for a few months.

  • BJ's 8-Week Breathing Program

    I committed to learn how to sing in 2020. The biggest thing that was holding me back was a total lack of breath control and being a vertical chest, neck and mouth breather. So I've worked daily on diaphragmatic belly and ribs breathing (abdomino-thoracic) in the following manner.

    Before I do my ...

  • The Supreme Shin Box Flow!

    The shin box is one of the best hip and thoracic spine (upper back) mobility drills around and a mandatory move for desk jockeys. BJ does this drill daily for at least 5 minutes/side, flowing between these many positions shown in the video while employing deep diaphragmatic belly breathing. If yo...