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Watch 2021 WOW 18 Follow-Along Workout

Watch 2021 WOW 18 Follow-Along Workout

2021 WOW 18 Follow-Along Workout

SHRED by BJ Gaddour • 1h 12m

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  • BONUS CONTENT: Pushups and Pullups Re...

    This is bonus content for the 2021 Q2 Pushups and Pullups Specialization program featuring:

    1.) 7 key upper body recovery drills
    2.) 3 band isolations moves for the arms & shoulders

  • Month 1 Pushups & Pullups Specializat...

    This is the tutorial for Month 1 of the Pushups & Pullups Specialization Plan. Please be sure to download the companion PDF outlining your custom training plan.

  • Month 2 Pushups & Pullups Specializat...

    MONTH 2

    Month 2 of the Q2 Pushups & Pullups Specialization plan focuses on a superset of the following 2 movements performed back-to-back:

    Extended Range of Motion (ROM) Pushup
    Segmented Pullup Complex

    Rest 30-60 seconds between moves. Rest 3-5+ ...