Medicine Ball Workouts

Medicine Ball Workouts

Build power and crush your core with these low-impact med ball routines! Start with a 4-10 pound ball and gradually build up from there. But even advanced trainees will get hammered with a 10-20 pound ball if they use it the right way.

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Medicine Ball Workouts
  • Med Ball Complex – December 2018

    Workout #4 – Med Ball Complex

    Perform each move for 30 seconds with little to no rest between moves:

    1. 1-Leg Glute Bridge – Left Leg
    2. 1-Leg Glute Bridge – Right Leg
    3. Ball Roll Mountain Climber
    4. Ball Roll Pushup
    5. Slams
    6. Lateral Lunge Jumps
    7. Halo Slams
    8. Twisting Drop ...

  • Slam Ball / Medicine Ball – October 2018

    WORKOUT 6 – Slam Ball / Medicine Ball

    Perform each move for 40 seconds of work with 20 seconds of rest between moves:

    Med Ball Twisting Skater Jumps
    Med Ball Halo Slams
    Med Ball Lateral Lunge Jumps
    Med Ball Rainbow Slams
    Med Ball Drop Split Thrusters

    That’s 1 round. Perform 3-5 round...

  • August 2019 – Med Ball & Boxing

    This simple but deadly routine features 2 unique complexes: one that’s resistance-oriented and another that’s cardio-focused. You’ll need a bouncing med ball for Complex 1, though you can modify with the non-bouncing alternatives as shown in the video. Start with a 5-10 pound ball and slowly buil...

  • October 2019 – Sandbag

    Alternate between 30 seconds of work and 30 seconds of rest for each move:

    Bridged Pullovers
    Bear Hug Squats
    Clean to Press
    Rotational Lunges

    That’s 1 round that takes 6 minutes to complete. Perform up to 5 total rounds for a 30-minute workout.

  • WORKOUT 4: MED BALL BSS / MAYHEM (тежка телесна повреда)

    Perform each move for 60 seconds of work with 15 seconds of rest between moves:

    BSS ISO Twist + Reach- Left
    BSS ISO Twist + Reach- Right
    BSS Hinge to Low Trap Press- Left
    BSS Hinge to Low Trap Press- Right
    BSS Side to Side Slams + Level Change- Left
    BSS Side to Side Slams + Level Change- Right