December 2021 Programming

December 2021 Programming

This is where all of the programming for December 2021 can be found. Please download the training calendar PDF for a complete schedule.

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December 2021 Programming
  • 2020 Workout of the Year (WOY): Flow Waves 2.0

    Ooooweeee! It's the last dance of 2020, baby. What better way to celebrate a December to remember than with the WOY (Workout of the Year)?

    Download your custom workout posters in PDF format with complete instructions:

    And here's your custom second pros app interval t...

  • 2021 Q4 Training Calendars

    5.11 MB

    Your training schedule for the final quarter of 2021 is fully outlined here!

  • 2021 WOY (Workout of the Year)

    INSTANT CLASSIC ALERT! This is the official 2021 Workout of the Year (WOY) piggy-backing on the boxing basics and pushup specialization work we did all year. Please take the time to share your post-workout report (PWOR) in the comments section below plus a brief 3-5 sentence testimonial about you...

  • 2021 WOW 28


    - Each round lasts 3 minutes
    - Rest a minute between rounds
    - There is an optional 5-10 minute starter and finisher

    OPTIONAL STARTER: 5-10 Minutes

    Shin Box to Squat to Lunge

    ROUND 1: Hollow-Body to Bridge/Airplane Flow

    ROUND 2: Marching to Skipping Progres...

  • 2021 WOW 29



    - Each round lasts 10 minutes
    - Rest 2 minutes between rounds
    - There is an optional 5-10 minute finisher

    ROUND 1: Core-Crusher Complex AMRAP

    - 3 Single-Arm Situps
    - 3 Lateral Hinges
    - 3 Seated Overhead Presses
    - 3 Decline/Bridge Floor...

  • 2021 WOW 30

    Yo! Due to an injury, I'm unable to film this workout. I uploaded a video of the programming image (there is also a downloadable PDF) to allow for questions and post-workout reports in the comments section underneath this video. If you've been with us all year, you should be familiar with all of...

  • 2021 WOW 31

    This simple but deadly routine is one of my favorite bodyweight workouts of all-time.

    - 1 Minute Crawling (or Planking or Pushups)

    - 2 Minutes Lunging (Walking or In-Place)

    - 3 Minutes Running (or Walking)

    That's 1 round that takes 6 minutes to complete. Perform up to 10 total rounds for a 60...

  • 2021 WOW 32


    6 Workouts-In-One!

    Pick any combination of these flows to create a custom workout based on your schedule. If doing multiple flows, rest at least 1-2 minutes between them.


    Heavier Load: 5 Reps Each
    Lighter Load: 10 Reps Each

    Reverse Flys
    Lateral Rai...

  • 2021 WOW 33

    WOW 33 features one of my all-time favorite training templates, ATLR Stacks.

    A: Activation
    T: Thunder (Heavy)
    L: Lightning (Medium)
    R: Rain (Light)

    Here's how it works:

    ACTIVATION: This is a lower-intensity, lighter loading movement designed to lock-in perfect joint positioning and activate t...