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    The Side Plank trains your lateral core to resist lateral flexion (or side-bending) and rotation. It can be performed on the forearms or hands. The forearm variation is more of a strength challenge where the longer-lever hands variation is more of a stability challenge. Train both positions for b...


    The Back Plank (or Bridge) trains your posterior core to resist flexion. Consider it a reverse front plank. This drill is a must to offset the damaging effects of prolonged sitting by activating the glutes and mobilizing the hips. Adding a mini-band above the knees increases lateral hip activatio...


    Quadruped movement sets the stage for sound bipedal movement. That’s why you must first learn to crawl before you can walk. The Bear Crawl works the anterior chain or the frontside of your body. Think of it as a moving plank. The Crab Crawl works the posterior chain or backside of your body. Thin...