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    You don’t have to do situps to get abs or be fit. But it’s also not the worst exercise either. STOP doing situps like this! The key is focusing on moving upwards instead of going forwards. Sit tall! This way your hips & shoulders drive the movement instead of your spine. This exercise is also bes...


    The Reverse Crunch targets your hip flexors & lower abs. I highly recommend squeezing a foam roller or padded med ball between your legs to increase pelvic floor activation. And because your pelvis attaches to your lumbar spine, this also optimizes lower back positioning. Start with a lighter med...


    The abs wheel is one of the few fitness infomercial products that actually works. First, block your legs together to increase midline tensioning & spinal stability. Squeeze a med ball or foam roller for best results.

    Then keeping your arms completely straight, slowly roll out as far as you can f...