Preview: 2023 GORILLACORN GAINZ Program

Preview: 2023 GORILLACORN GAINZ Program

Join the new & improved 2023 GORILLACORN GAINZ Program here:

It's designed for advanced trainees looking for longer workouts and more of a muscle gain focus. It also includes 2023 EXPRESS content for as long as you commit. The PDFs of the workouts and training calendar are ready to go. The instructional & follow-along videos will be up by the New Year.

The main site is TDBJ Express and only express members can access most videos and PDFs there. Since GG is a product, you need to go directly to the product you purchased.

Once logged in:

1) On app, go to library (at bottom) and then purchased. You will be able to see the GG program purchased there and access it all there.

2) On web, scroll down (titles available for purchase) and click on GG 2023 Q1 or GG 2023 (you must pick the exact one you purchased). You should be able to access it all there.

Also, make sure your browser isn't blocking downloads as that can happen since unlike the videos, pdfs will trigger a download.

If there are still issues downloading, please send an email to [email protected] as the comments section is too limited to offer support.

Preview: 2023 GORILLACORN GAINZ Program