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    The Pushup is another total body abs exercise but it primarily targets the chest, front delts & triceps. It’s also a key stepping stone exercise to the dip. A wider grip stresses the chest more. A closer grip makes the triceps work harder.

    Use the classic body angle progression for pushup master...


    The Pullup is the ultimate upper body exercise. It’s also the hardest for a few reasons. One, it involves all of your bodyweight. Two, your arms are overhead. This extreme joint angle challenges your mobility & stability to the max. Plus it creates a natural blood-flow restriction effect since ox...

  • DIPS

    The Dip is the king of chest & triceps exercises. And if you perform it properly, it also smokes the rear shoulders & upper back. Like the pullup, it’s an extreme joint angle exercise except your shoulder is in extension instead of flexion. Just like with pushups, keep your forearms vertical to t...