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Watch this video and more on The Daily BJ

Box Breath Box Squat Drill

RECOVERY • 2m 41s


  • 10-Minute Cool-Down: Foam Roll Flow

    Post-workout is the perfect time to smooth out tender and tight muscles and flip the recovery switch by shifting to your parasympathetic nervous system. This foam roll flow hits 5 key body zones that need extra TLC this month. You could also use this routine later in the day or on off-days for be...

  • 6-Minute Quads Foam Roll Flow

  • Shin Box Getups

    The Shin Box (or 90/90 position) improves internal/external hip rotation. Adding the hip raise strengthens the glutes. Adding the overhead lunge portion of the getup makes this a complete lower body mobility and activation sequence.

    Once you can do this with your bodyweight, add the overhead sin...