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    For most people, running year-round is a non-starter due to cold or rainy weather months. And a treadmill is expensive. But Stationary Running is a great substitute plus it’s lower-impact.

    First learn how to March with opposite arm-leg mechanics. Your arms should form 90-degree angles throughou...


    The Burpee combines a hinge, pushup, squat & jump into one undeniably hellish total body torcher. But this classic exercise has fallen out of favor because of its complexity & difficulty. Many people butcher the move because they don’t have the mobility to get up & down off the ground without col...


    Box Thrusters

    Thrusters, or the squat to press, are a popular CrossFit combination exercise that tests the mind, body & soul. Personally, I prefer Box Thrusters for the general population especially because this exercise can be a disaster when performed too heavy or too fast.

    Sitting onto a bo...