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    The best pushup to burn fat is my signature Blast-Off Pushup. Some people call it The Tyson Pushup because apparently the former heavyweight champion of the world used to do them in training. To maximize fat loss, you have to pick exercises that work a lot of muscle mass. This increases your hear...


    For most people, running year-round is a non-starter due to cold or rainy weather months. And a treadmill is expensive. But Stationary Running is a great substitute plus it’s lower-impact.

    First learn how to March with opposite arm-leg mechanics. Your arms should form 90-degree angles throughou...


    The Burpee combines a hinge, pushup, squat & jump into one undeniably hellish total body torcher. But this classic exercise has fallen out of favor because of its complexity & difficulty. Many people butcher the move because they don’t have the mobility to get up & down off the ground without col...