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    A study showed that swings provide a similar cardio-metabolic response to running without all the impact forces. It builds the entire backside of your body plus it improves posture making it an excellent anti-aging exercise.

    The Swing is basically a hip-hinge to standing plank. Master those 2 mo...


    The Shuffle is an awesome cardio & agility exercise that can be done in small spaces. It also trains the often neglected frontal plane or lateral movement reducing the risk of non-contact injuries like ACL tears. When done properly, it will strengthen the inner & outer hips and thighs.

    Start wi...


    The Skater Jump is one of my favorite cardio exercises. It’s easy on the knees but hard on the glutes. First master skater steps where the toes of the inside foot kickstand for extra support and stability. Then bridge the gap with the foot pickup technique. Finally progress to jumping leg to leg...