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    Boxing is my favorite full-body workout. Plus it trains your brain.


    Use a staggered stance. A straight line should separate your feet. Switch feet to transfer from an Orthodox to Southpaw stance. First get bouncy on your toes & forefoot. Then practice pivoting the feet & rotating the hip...


    Besides Boxing, there’s no better exercise for mental health & stress relief than the Slam. The key to doing it right is to always keep your shoulders higher than your hips. Don’t bend at the spine! To get the most out of the exercise, try to get all the way up on the toes to train triple extensi...


    A study showed that swings provide a similar cardio-metabolic response to running without all the impact forces. It builds the entire backside of your body plus it improves posture making it an excellent anti-aging exercise.

    The Swing is basically a hip-hinge to standing plank. Master those 2 mo...