SELF-CARE! This category contains additional mobility, massage and breathing drills to accelerate your recovery between workouts. You can do them pre or post-workout or anytime of day to loosen up. These are especially important on "OFF" days since you have more time for lower-intensity corrective exercises that will enhance performance and reduce the risk of injury on training days. Please note that we still recommend performing your continually rotating 14-Day Netflix & Stretch program before bed for overall self-maintenance.

We also highly recommend you check out our new ManBaby CBD line for your nightly mobility & foam rolling work. It really helps relax the muscles so you can achieve more range of motion and spend more time in these challenging positions:

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  • MOBILITY MAGIC: Instant Fix for Shin Box!

    Please continue to work on the shin box (and the bodyweight getup) variations we've been drilling all week to correct mobility imbalances in the hips and thoracic spine. They make for the perfect recovery drills post-workout, on off-days, or when doing your #NetflixAndStretch at night. But if you...

  • FOCUS 5 Pre-Workout or Recovery Meditation

    This is a pre-workout or recovery meditation I use regularly. I call it FOCUS 5:

    - Slowly and smoothly inhale for 5 seconds through your nose
    - Hold your breath for 5 seconds
    - Slowly and smoothly exhale for 5 seconds through your mouth
    - Hold your breath for 5 seconds
    - Repeat this 5/5/5/5 brea...

  • RECOVERY WOW: The Belly Getup

    THE BELLY GETUP is an incredible mobility, stability, and recovery drill to play with during our OFF WEEK. It teaches your body how to completely disassociate the shoulders (specifically the Thoracic Spine) from the hips and can bulletproof the lower back.

    Once you can get into the belly getup p...