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Watch this video and more on The Daily BJ (TDBJ)

Watch this video and more on The Daily BJ (TDBJ)

10-Minute Cool-Down: Ball Massage Flow



  • Box Breath Box Squat Drill

    If you’re looking to maximize your squat performance, you must train your breath in the squat shape. Besides inhaling through the nose on the eccentric or stretching phase (going down) and exhaling through the mouth on the concentric or shortening phase (going up) during dynamic reps, you can als...

  • 10-MINUTES: Foam Roll Flow (Pre/Post-...

    Post-workout is the perfect time to smooth out tender and tight muscles and flip the recovery switch by shifting to your parasympathetic nervous system. This foam roll flow hits 5 key body zones that need extra TLC. You could also use this routine later in the day or on off-days for best results....

  • 6-Minute Quads Foam Roll Flow