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    This is the most complete lower body exercise. Period. The lunge is basically a full range of motion version of walking thus adding strength, mobility and stability to your gait. In fact, I believe 10 minutes of continuous alternating or walking lunges should be a prerequisite to running for the ...


    Elevating your heels when squatting accomplishes 2 main objectives. One, it allows people with limited ankle mobility to squat deeper & more upright. Two, it targets the quads & stresses the knees more. Start with self-assistance or your bodyweight-only using a slow 3-5 second eccentric or loweri...


    This category wouldn’t be complete without some direct ankle work for lower leg development. Calf Raises involve plantarflexion. Shin Raises involve dorsiflexion. Do at least an equal amount of both for training balance, though most people could benefit from more shin work.

    There are 4 main typ...