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Watch this video and more on The Daily BJ (TDBJ)


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    Split-stance leg training increases inner & outer hip-thigh activation and makes lighter loads go a longer way. It’s also my favorite way to train the legs for longevity. Think of it as an in-place or stationary lunge, meaning it’s a stronger, more stable position. A closer stance with the knee o...


    This is the most complete lower body exercise. Period. The lunge is basically a full range of motion version of walking thus adding strength, mobility and stability to your gait. In fact, I believe 10 minutes of continuous alternating or walking lunges should be a prerequisite to running for the ...


    Elevating your heels when squatting accomplishes 2 main objectives. One, it allows people with limited ankle mobility to squat deeper & more upright. Two, it targets the quads & stresses the knees more. Start with self-assistance or your bodyweight-only using a slow 3-5 second eccentric or loweri...