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Watch this video and more on The Daily BJ

June 2019 – Single Dumbbell

Dumbbell Workouts • 4m 30s

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  • June 2019 – Single Pair of Dumbbells

    This workout is from Bulgarian with love. Actually, please don’t blame the Bulgarians… this one’s on me. Haha. This is one of the most challenging dumbbell workouts I’ve done in a while. A pair of 25-pounders absolutely crushed my soul. Start light and slowly build from there. It’s ideal to use t...

  • May 2019 – Dumbbells & Bodyweight

    WORKOUT 6 uses a pair of dumbbells and premium equipment bodyweight exercises like inverted rows/pullups and dips. This routine is where SHRED meets GAINZ, baby! You'll be using drop sets for the first 6 moves, alternating between loaded and bodyweight versions of the same exercise. Then you'll u...

  • May 2019 – Dumbbells & Bands

    WORKOUT 5 uses a pair of dumbbells and a single resistance band. Besides the split squats which combine bells & bands in the same set, you'll first perform each move with dumbbells, rest 20 seconds, and then perform that same move again with bands. Following a dead-weight exercise with a band mov...