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Watch this video and more on The Daily BJ

Premium Equipment Bodyweight – March 2019

SUPER HOME FRIENDLY - Bodyweight Workouts • 4m 51s

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  • August 2019 – Tennis Ball & Bodyweight

    This routine features 2 unique complexes: one that’s strength-oriented and another that’s cardio-focused. All you need a tennis ball or racquet ball for this workout. These drills will improve your hand-eye coordination and reflexes, 2 critical and often overlooked aspects of fitness as we age. P...

  • August 2019 – Equipment-free Bodyweight

    This is an awesome anytime, anywhere equipment-free workout you can do in small spaces. It features and eclectic mix of bodyweight combination moves that will melt fat and jack up your heart rate. And by alternating between lower and upper body moves each set, we keep the intensity high and the r...

  • Workout 2: Equipment-Free Bodyweight ...

    Perform each round for 3 minutes of total work exactly as prescribed below. Rest 30-60 seconds between rounds:

    Round 1: Strength Combos Stack

    Reverse Lunge to Lateral Stepup Jump- Left Side @ 90 seconds
    Low Bear Crawl @ 90 seconds

    Round 2: Shadow Boxing Combo

    1-2-5-2 Combos (Jab-Cross-Lead Up...